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Retro Gaming Hardware 90s Kids Will Remember

The 90s was dubbed as the “Golden Years of Gaming”. It was the time the retro gaming hardware like the PlayStation was born, the internet became a platform for gaming, and Nintendo’s retro gaming hardware was the best thing you could own. If you did not have any of this retro gaming hardware, your weren’t […]

Tips To Prevent Being Fooled By Fake News

Fake news has been plaguing the headlines for years. But since the internet has made viral a thing, false news has been able to spread faster than fact checkers can warn people of the fallacies. RELATED: Fake Brands We Love In Movies And Shows To help prevent you from believing the most absurd stories, here are ways […]

Signs That Your Car Battery Might Be Dying

There’s nothing worse than getting stranded on the side of the road with a dead car battery. As a safety measure, it’s important to know the signs of a dying car battery. RELATED: The Future Of Electronic and Smart Cars Look out for these signs of a sickly car battery to help you be proactive about replacing […]

Funny And Weird Geek Porn Parodies

When it comes to porn, everyone has a thing and the Internet has been a source of everything any freak and prude alike can find something to tickle their fancy. But some porn is weirder than others and geek porn parodies seem to take the cake when it comes to freaky fetishes. We don’t judge […]

10 Tips To Spot Fake Facebook News

The top social media site has been under fire recently for enabling users to believe and widely spread fake Facebook news. RELATED: 9 Ways Facebook Ruins Relationships As part of its response to fake Facebook news, the social media site now offers tips to users to prevent them from being fooled. The Facebook Help Centre now offers […]

5 Everyday Items You’ve Forgotten To Use

There are everyday items we see all the time, but we never use. These everyday items seem to mock our lack of knowing how to use them, but they each actually serve a purpose. RELATED: 5 Of The Worst Gadgets Of Our Time Here are 5 everyday items you may have forgotten how to use or […]

5 Ugly Cars You’ll Never Want To Be Seen Driving

Cars can be a style symbol, or they can show the world that you have absolutely no taste at all. Ugly cars make you force your parents to drop you off a block before your desired destination and make us wonder what the designers were thinking. RELATED: 5 Fast Machines That Have Broken Records You get beautiful and […]

All The New Huawei P10 Features We Love

We were lucky enough to spend some time with the new Huawei P10 smartphone. The new Huawei P10 features a range of updates that are well worth considering if you’re in the smartphone market. RELATED: 5 Of The Worst Gadgets Of Our Time Here are all the Huawei P10 features we love and we think you […]

5 Fast Machines That Have Broken Records

Humans seem to love speed. We love fast cars, roller coasters, to fly fast, glide across the water, shoot into space, you name it. We require the help of fast machines for us to be able to achieve the speed we need. RELATED: South African Gadgets You Use Everyday Here are the fast machines that have […]

5 Fast Cars That Will Give You Whiplash

Fast cars are everywhere these days. Even entry-level vehicles are able to reach very fast driving speeds. But if you’re looking for REALLY fast cars then you’re looking at vehicles that you might not see when you drop off the kids at school. RELATED: 5 Of The Worst Gadgets Of Our Time These are the top […]
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